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ASYMMETRICAL ARTIST, SWM, 46, seeks petite woman who believes her brain is being cannibalized by aliens. I am a rhythmically challenged, self-actualized megalomaniac but I'm like a mink on Viagra whenever they let me out of restraints. If you like white noise and lighter fluid, give me a try. Sorry, no writers.

Don Becker, Denver's own poet, playwright, comic, and epistemologist

Don (smoking cigarette) and some friends sharing a toast on the summit of Gray's Peak, one of Colorado's "14'ers".
The Don Becker and Mary Gay Sullivan Radio Project, Vol. 1.
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Excerpts from Lucifer Tonite, Don's one-man play. First performed by Don in Denver in 1996, Lucifer Tonite returned to the stage in Denver in August, 2000.

A Number Story. Don's own children's story (sort of).

East of Eden

Gucci Angst

No Intelligent Life, Scotty. Don's rant on Star Trek and the militaryindustrialcomplex.

A clip of Don's standup comedy, circa 1983.

Audio excerpts from Lucifer Tonite

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Recognizing that today's young people are in desperate need of heros,
Don has offered himself as a role model, if not cult leader.
Read one impressionable youth's homage to his hero, Don.

Need some excitement in your life?
Try two of these, and call me in the morning:

Alka-Seltzer, the sex aid for the new millenium.

So, in case you're wondering, here's Don's Muse.

Take holy communion with Don.

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