Animation Samples

Below are samples of animations created by BTJ Design for use on the web.

Other examples of graphics by BTJ Design include:

  • Logos (including animated logos not displayed on this page)
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About Westernaires To the left is a navigation button from the Westernaires web site, with a javascript activated animation when you pass your mouse cursor over the button. The lower version shows how each navigation button is actually composed of 4 segments. Only the text segment changes for the different navigation buttons. The other three segments are "recycled" for all navigation buttons, thereby reducing download time.

About Westernaires

Two animated icons used on The Yoga Group's site.

Manouso animation
Another animation on The Yoga Group's site.

A 3-D text animation.

A text animation for Fairfield and Woods, P.C..

Below are two animated banner ads created by BTJ Design:

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